Hitting a Dead End

Sometimes when you’re writing a paper, you may come to a point where you don’t know what else to say and yet the paper isn’t finished. It can feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your writing. It’s frustrating and can make an otherwise interesting paper become something you dread. By taking a step back to examine … Continue reading Hitting a Dead End

Welcome Fall 2019!

Hello Mastodons and welcome to the Fall 2019 semester! We are so glad to see so many new and returning faces! Throughout our tenure on campus, the Writing Center has experienced quite a few transitions, changes, and location moves; however, we have finally found our home! We are now located on the first floor of … Continue reading Welcome Fall 2019!

About Those Pesky MLA Formatting Standards (From an Instructor’s Point of View)

Worth Weller is a Continuing Lecturer for the PFW Department of English and Linguistics. He has taught 100 and 200 level writing courses here, both face-to-face and online, for nearly two decades. I attended a meeting at Purdue FW where we writing instructors were asked not to make a big deal about formatting standards for … Continue reading About Those Pesky MLA Formatting Standards (From an Instructor’s Point of View)

The Perfectionist’s Survival Guide to Writing

We all know about the overachievers and the procrastinators, but there is actually another group of writers that represents a sort of paradoxical mixture of the two: the perfectionists. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I understand the struggle. We’re so concerned about our papers being perfect that we… procrastinate? We sometimes spend so much time researching that we neglect to begin writing the paper until the day … Continue reading The Perfectionist’s Survival Guide to Writing