Peer Reviewing Controversial Topics

It’s that time again! The first draft of that big project you’ve been working so hard on is almost done and it’s peer review day. Peer review is always great since you get a chance for someone to read your paper and get a decent amount of feedback on your work (usually). At the beginning … Continue reading Peer Reviewing Controversial Topics

5 Quick Tips on Giving Constructive Criticism

Has a friend ever asked you to look over a paper, and you didn’t know what to say? What about in class during peer-review? Are you honest when you think they need to do some more work? Or do you avoid pointing out problems because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? These are situations that … Continue reading 5 Quick Tips on Giving Constructive Criticism

Do you even revise, bro?

Writing is a process; it’s messy, it’s sometimes tedious, it’s unique for each of us, and it takes TIME. Revision is a vital part of that process and believe it or not, it’s ongoing. Those of you who are new to the idea of revision or haven’t yet found YOUR personal process, here are some tips, tricks, and hints: