The Perfectionist’s Survival Guide to Writing

We all know about the overachievers and the procrastinators, but there is actually another group of writers that represents a sort of paradoxical mixture of the two: the perfectionists. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I understand the struggle. We’re so concerned about our papers being perfect that we… procrastinate? We sometimes spend so much time researching that we neglect to begin writing the paper until the day … Continue reading The Perfectionist’s Survival Guide to Writing

Varying Sentence Structure

Variety is the spice of life. In regards to varying sentence structures, this is certainly true! Switching up the lengths of your sentences will make your writing sound more conversational, thoughtful, and just better overall. You can really enliven your paragraphs, and by extension your papers, by including sentences of alternating shorter and longer lengths. … Continue reading Varying Sentence Structure

“To Begin this Essay” and “In Conclusion”

Introductions and conclusions can be daunting to start. How do you come up with a sentence to begin an entire paper? It’s not as mysterious as it may seem! Introductions and conclusions can follow a variety of patterns, depending on your project and writing style. We’ve included both into one blog post because they share … Continue reading “To Begin this Essay” and “In Conclusion”