Our Services

Face-to-Face Consultations

Face-to-Face Consultations give you the opportunity to talk about and improve your writing in a helpful and friendly environment. You can make an appointment before you write or after you have a draft. Appointments before you write are ideal to talk out the assignment with a consultant. This could allow you to better understand the assignment, brainstorm ideas, create an outline, or develop a research plan. Appointments with a draft are ideal for those who want feedback on their work and help with idea development, organization, citations, grammar, or punctuation. Each consultation is crafted specifically to the needs and wants of the individual writer. It’s all about YOU!

To schedule a Face-to-face appointment please visit the TutorTrac link in the menu or click here.

Online Consultations

Can’t come in for a face-to-face appointment, but still want some help? Then Online Consultations are for you! Online consultations can be requested anytime through our online form, and will usually be returned to you within 3-4 business days. Your work will be returned to you from wconline@pfw.edu, with two attachments: your paper with a consultant’s comments and a consultation summary. Online consultations allow you to get the help you need regardless of your busy schedule!

To submit an online consultation request, click here.

Speech and Presentation Consultations

Have a speech coming up? Need some help getting started? Need some help figuring out how to say something? Want a chance to give your presentation before you do it in class? Want some help overcoming your fear of public-speaking? Speech and Presentation Consultations allow you the chance to work with a consultant at any phase of your presentation process. Our consultants can give you great tips on how to overcome anxiety, control you speech-rate, connect with the audience, etc. Our goal is to make you more confident as you prepare for your presentation!

To schedule an appointment visit the Tutortrac link in the menu, or click here.

Faculty Services

Writing Center Orientation

Want to introduce your class to the Writing Center and all of the amazing resources we have to offer? Schedule a Writing Center Orientation where our staff can visit your class OR your class can visit the center, to learn helpful information about all of our great services. This orientation can be specified to the needs of you and your students!

Please schedule your orientation at least one week in advance. To schedule an orientation, click here.

In-Class Workshops

Is there a specific, writing-related topic you would like presented to your class or group? The Writing Center staff can come to your class or event and lead a discussion on a number of writing-related topics. We have workshops on many topics including writing citations, outlining, crafting thesis statements, formatting papers, etc. For a full list of available topics please visit our website!

Please schedule workshops in advance to ensure that we are able to provide you with the best service. To request a workshop, please email writingcenter@pfw.edu with the class number, the workshop(s) you’re interested in, and a requested date and time.

For more details about any of our services,

please visit our website!