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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made several changes. For more information on these changes, visit our post on our most recent updates (as of March 27th, 2020).

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Our goal at both The Draft and the Writing Center is to make you a better, more effective writer and presenter. We are not an editing service- that is to say that we aren’t going to take your paper and mark it up with a red pen. In fact, there are no red pens here– just fellow students and faculty  who want to share their skills and passion for writing and presentations with you! Here at The Draft, you will find posts written by students and faculty alike highlighting our shared passion for the writing and speech processes.

Want to improve your writing?

The Writing Tips and Tricks tab is where we share all our secrets to help you become a better writer. You’ll find tips to help you understand different types of papers; tricks to help you choose a terrific topic and craft a great thesis statement; helpful hints for finding great sources, formatting your papers, and recording proper citations; and great pointers to help you throughout the writing process: from prewriting and planning all the way through the final revisions.

Want to improve your presentations?

The Speeches and Presentations tab is where we share all our tips to help you improve your speeches and presentations. You’ll find explanations of different types of presentations; tips to help you design the most effective presentation aids that can benefit both you and your audience alike; tricks for overcoming anxieties related to public speaking; helpful hints to help you best prepare for your speech, maintain your composure throughout the presentation, and keep you on track as you present; and great pointers to help you prepare for those on-the-spot moments that can arise from audience questions and involvement.

Want to know more about the Writing Center?

Look under the About Us tab to learn about the Writing Center and the students who work here! For even more information about the Writing Center, visit our website!

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Realistic Fiction

Hello, everyone! I hope that you’re all at the very least surviving, if not thriving, in these crazy times we live in. One thing I like to do to distract myself when times are tough is read a good book. Books are incredible, and I’m not talking about your textbooks or whatever your English Lit … Continue reading Realistic Fiction

Bias-Free Langauge

In academic writing, it’s important to remain objective and respectful when discussing people and specific demographics, but it can be easy to accidentally portray bias towards individuals or groups by using imprecise language. APA encourages “bias-free language,” which they outline in detail in their seventh edition manual. In this post, we’ll be highlighting the most … Continue reading Bias-Free Langauge

Memorial Day

The Writing Center will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 25th. We will reopen at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 26th with normal Summer I hours. Please have a fun and safe holiday weekend!


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